Pre Right-to-Work Opt-out Letter (Public Sector)

MEA members please visit to print your opt-out letter. This letter will allow you to opt-out of the MEA but the letter is specifically tailored for your union.

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It is recommended that you mail copies of your opt-out letter to your local union, employer, and international union via certified mail.

September 23, 2023


To Whom It May Concern:

I am an employee at and am in the collective bargaining unit represented by .

I hereby resign from .

With this letter, I am also immediately and permanently exercising my rights pursuant to Abood v. Detroit Board of Education, and declare myself to be a Beck objector until such a time as I can exercise my right under Michigan’s right-to-work law, MCL 423.210(3)(c), to withhold all financial contributions.

Pursuant to the Supreme Court’s Abood decision, I object to the use of my dues being used for any purpose other than those related to collective bargaining, contract administration and grievance processing in my immediate bargaining unit. Any fees that are not related to these financial core activities should be immediately deducted from my dues, pursuant to the procedures outlined by the U.S. Supreme Court.

Having resigned my membership in the union, I also revoke any dues check-off authorization agreement I may have previously signed.

The check-off agreement was signed only in conjunction with my union membership and is no longer valid.

If there is a “window period” to exercise these rights, consider this notice effective the first day of such window period and send to me: (1) A copy of the authorization form I signed, and (2) The actual date of when that window period applies to me and the date at which I can exercise my rights to fully opt out of agency fees under the right-to-work law.

I am also exercising my outlined in Chicago Teachers Local 1 v. Hudson to a full accounting performed by an independent auditor, a reasonably prompt opportunity to challenge any fees before an impartial decision maker, and insisting that any disputed fees be placed in escrow pending a final determination as to the appropriateness of any asserted charges.

Please provide me with an accounting as soon as possible. Until such time as an accounting is provided to me, please escrow all of my dues that are not subject to an immediate rebate. Additionally, if there will be any delay in obtaining a full accounting, please explain when this information will be forthcoming.

I would appreciate a prompt response to my request.